Guacamole & Chips (VG)

Beet & Almond Hummus (VG)

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Smoked Bacon Croquettes

Jalapeño Poppers (V)

Jalapeño Roulette Rail (V)



Burrata  (V)
basil pesto, heritage tomato

Roasted Aubergine (VG)
miso, pomegranate

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (VG)
kale, tofu ranch dressing
Tempura Squid
jalapeno ketchup, lime

Hot Sticky Chicken Wings
blue cheese dip



BBQ Jackfruit (VG)
slaw, pickled red cabbage

Fresh Avocado (VG)
pico de gallo, lime and coriander dressing

Dried Fried White Fish
+jalapeño, iceberg, tartar

BBQ Pork Shoulder
slaw, pickled red cabbage



Baked Cauliflower Salad (VG)
kale, avocado, chilli, corn

Lobster Mac n' Cheese
pecorino,  smokey cheddar

Mac no' Cheese (VG)
still rich, creamy & tasty

Mushroom Risotto (V)
truffle, pecorino Butternut

Squash Gnocchi (VG)
salsify, pumpkin seed, sage

Crispy Cod
cauliflower, almond, pinenuts

BBQ Jack Fruit (VG)
mezcal glaze, pickles

Sticky Pork Belly
house bbq sauce, pickles, fennel

Jerk Chicken
dirty rice, creamed corn

Rib Eye Steak
chimichurri sauce



House Slaw (VG)
ranch dressing

Sweet Potato Wedges (VG)
sweet chilli jam

French Fries (VG)
tomato ketchup

Charred Miso Broccoli  (VG)
candied red chilli  



Coachella Party to share (VG)
brownie, pineapple, banana, raspberry coulis, crispy banana, rum  (suitable for 3)

Dark Chocolate Brownie (VG)
ganache, raspberry sorbet

Lemon Cheesecake (V)
lime sorbet
Sweet Potato Doughnuts (VG)
caramelised pineapple, mango

Eton Mess
meringue, strawberries


Groups of 13 of more will be asked to kindly choose from the banqueting menus.

*Menus are subject to change